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Castle hill Canterbury window on the left is frozen condensation ,window on the right has Magicseal panel fitted


Anyone looking for a cost effective way to cut heat loss from their homes? Should look no further than MagicSeal affordable retrofit secondary double glazing system.

Magicseal secondary glazing was designed in New Zealand to suit New Zealand conditions. To help stop heat loss reduce condensation And reduce noise at the same time reduce solar uv, there for creating  dryer windows a warmer house and a quieter home.

MagicSeal is a flexible acrylic glazing system designed for New Zealand conditions which has been in production for over 26 years. It is retrofitted to the inside or outside of existing windows and can be installed over wood or aluminium window frames or even over leadlight windows as well as on top of double glazed windows.

Each pane is fixed in place using a magnetic strip glued to the interior side of the window frame.  The panels trap a layer of still air between the existing external pane of glass and the MagicSeal panel reducing heat loss by up to 54%.

In a fully insulated house almost half the heat loss occurs through the windows due to conduction ad convection. Warm air created from a heat source rises to the ceiling where it cools and is displaced by even more rising warm air. When this falling air comes in contact with the cold exterior glass it will be further cooled creating cold spots and convectional drafts that can often be felt coming from a window. MagicSeal creates a very effective barrier between this falling cooling air and the cold external glazing as acrylic has much better insulation properties than glass.

Double glaze has a u-value of 3.14  Magicseal panel has a u-value of 2.7 this means Magicseal can achieve up to 54% less heat loss through your windows if applied to single glazing.

Aside from cutting heat loss and condensation, MagicSeal can improve acoustic insulation by significantly reducing the incidence of external noise such as traffic noise from entering a house. Tests have shown noise reductions of up to 55% are possible.

They are popular with retired folk, young families and home based businesses. In fact, anyone spending a great deal of time at home will appreciate the cosy environment that the panels create.

A room below 16 degrees is considered too cold for healthy living. Living at this temperature or below can cause serious health issues including asthma, bronchitis and other more serious conditions. We all want to live in comfort and stay healthy without the added extras on our power bill and that’s where Magicseal’s thermal insulating panels come in to their own“Because the existing windows do not have to be removed and replaced with completely new glazing MagicSeal offers a significant cost advantage over conventional double glazing.”Customers can be assured MagicSeal will stand the test of time as the UV treated  Plexiglas comes with a 30 year warranty against discolouring. Furthermore, once installed it is impossible to tell it has been placed over the existing windows.

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